What is a risk assessment Warrington?

A risk assessment is an important process in the health and safety functionality of a business as it helps to control the risks to the employees and employers within the office. A risk assessment must be carried out by all employees by law, if you have more than five employees it must also be documented.
Risk assessment Warrington allows the employer to identify risks and how to take steps into avoiding accidents and issues that could in turn be detrimental to the business. In carrying out a risk assessment it’s important to think about all of the potential contributing factors to risk. These could be activities, processes or substances that your employees are exposed to on a daily basis or even just a small amount of time. It is important to cover as many risks as possible with your assessment.

Some tips for risk assessment Warrington include;

  • Look back at previous logs in accident or illness records – This can help identify previous problems that have occurred and could have been due to unidentified risks.
  • Review non routine operations – This could identify risks that are not obvious on a day to day basis. This could include maintenance processes, cleaning processes and production cycles.
  • Think about long term hazards – Ensure that you think about long term risks as well as short term complications that could arise. These include exposure to chemicals, noise or harmful substance handling.
  • Check instructions – Remember the simplest way of ensuring that substances, machinery and other equipment is to ensure that you read instructions fully and follow them. Don’t just guess this can cause unnecessary risks that are so easily avoidable.

Also it is important to think about individuals and how and why they may be as risk;

  • Ask your employees – Your team are out there in the forefront of the business so they are best informed sometimes in telling you what they feel pose risks to them.
  • Think about the different departments – Each department or section may have very different risks for example a store room will have different risks to a shop floor and to an office or the canteen so each individual section within the business needs to be thought about.
  • Be sure to think about individuals – For example employees that have disabilities, pregnant woman and new mothers, contractors, people working from home will all have different needs and risks to them so ensure to be inclusive.
  • Remember visitors – If you have people visiting your work place think of the risks to them also, for example visitors to a building site, office, maintenance workers and other visitors.
  • During your risk assessment Warrington think about if the public will be at risk from your business operations.
  • Remember co working businesses – If you work alongside another business within the same building remember them when completing your risk assessment.
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