Do you know what to do in a fire? Our Fire Safety Training Cheshire will prepare you

All companies should have a dedicated fire marshal to ensure that should there be a fire your employees are kept safe. You should also have a procedure in place in order to diminish panic. This is not just an optiFire safety training cheshireon for companies. It is the law if you have more than five staff you much have a fire safety training Cheshire marshal in place.

Awareness of what to do in the instance of a fire is not something that should be overlooked. Undertaking fire safety training Cheshire can take as little as half a day for the selected fire marshal within your business. This half a day could lead to saving someone’s life. It sounds dramatic but when it comes to fire then lives really are put at risk.

Fire safety training Cheshire will help you understand what to do if a fire occurs. You will learn to recognise causes of fire and understand how fire spreads, the dangers and also reducing risk. You will be able to understand fire prevention and putting procedures into place to ensure safeguarding of staff.

So if the fire alarm was going off at work today what action would you take? Would you know where to go? How would you know if everybody was there that is meant to be? If the answer to any of these is no, then look into booking a fire safety training course Cheshire here.


Why do we need Fire safety training?

If you are looking to undertake fire safety training Cheshire, then there are two options available through PJH safety training. We have the half a day fire marshal course and the QualSafe level 2 in fire safety.

The half day fire mafire exercisershal training is suitable for any employee that is selected to be designated fire marshal. The course covers content to help ensure that if a fire occurs within the workplace that the fire marshal can lead everybody to safety in a calm and effective way. The course also covers how to use fire extinguishers and what each different fire extinguisher is used for.

The other fire safety training course Cheshire available from PJH is a full day course providing a Qualsafe qualification in fire safety. This course is more in depth and covers not only ensuring in the event of a fire employees are evacuated safely but also how to prevent fires in the first instance and recognising dangers.

If you want to find out more regarding fire safety training Cheshire or to book a place on a course call us on 01925 812095 or click here.