Risk Assessments Warrington

Q. Is it a legal requirement to train our staff?

A. The short answer is yes. An untrained workforce is potentially an unsafe workforce.

Q. I employ eight members of staff and I have been told that I don’t need to document our risk assessments. Is this correct?

A. No, this is not correct. When you employ five or more people you must document your risk assessments. This is also the case for your health and safety policy.

Q. We have been advised that white asbestos is completely harmless and it only the brown and blue that is harmful. Is this correct?

A. I don’t know who has given you this advice but I can confirm that this is NOT correct. All asbestos can have catastrophic consequences. For further guidance follow the link https://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/essentials/

Q. Is it ok to wear Rigger Boots on site?

A. Over recent years rigger boots have become popular because they are easy to put on and are a cross between lace up boots and wellingtons. However some companies have found that wearers of rigger boots are much more likely to suffer twisted or sprained ankle injuries. They think this is because rigger boots are a looser fit and the wearer is less able to prevent the foot from twisting to the side on uneven ground. This is the reason that some contractors will not allow them on site. This is an acceptable argument and you need to understand and comply with this rule.
Lace up boots are not normally suitable for licensed asbestos work within an enclosure.
There is a history of cement burns where cement has gone into the safety shoe or boots and wellington boots may provide more protection for groundwork using cement.