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14th December 2016
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The importance of thorough risk assessment training


Each and every employer is legally obligated to carry out risk assessments in the workplace, no matter how large or small the business is. It can be daunting to have this responsibility on your shoulders, especially if you have never performed risk assessments before. Risk assessment training could help you become the expert, and carry out risk assessments confidently and accurately.


The fact that risks assessments are a legal requirement means employers should be encouraged to take a risk assessment training course, to ensure that they are thorough. Courses help employers to be able to identify anything potentially harmful in the workplace, who may be harmed, evaluate the risks and record this assessment, all to the government standard.


Risk assessment training involves participants learning the main causes of accidents or ill health, and helps them to understand the need for prevention. Some causes discussed could be handling hazardous materials, uneven or wet floors without proper indications and the lifting of heavy objects. Even fatigue can cause workplace accidents – and the best way to avoid this is to ensure your employees take their breaks. Risk assessment is necessary to be able to develop strategies and put methods in place to prevent any injuries or illnesses as a result of hazards.


One of the many reasons that risk assessment training is so important is the fact that, should an employee experience an accident or ill health due to something that occurred in the workplace, there are a lot of costs involved. Evidently, human costs are a factor – these are the costs in terms of the impact on the individuals quality of life or work. There are also financial costs for your company should someone get injured on shift – depending on the seriousness, you may lose that worker for a period of time, which means a loss of production due to absence. There are also healthcare costs that must be paid. When looking on a national scale, the figures of the HSE Cost Model are astounding. Around £14.1 billion is lost to injuries and illnesses in the workplace, with £2.8 billion of that falling at the employers feet, and £3.3 billion taken from the government. With quality risk assessment training, these costs can be avoided.


Employees should feel safe and secure in their workplace and return home from a day’s work in the exact same condition they left. Ultimately, if your employees feel safe in the workplace, they will perform a better job and your company will benefit enormously. Risk assessment training gives both employees and employers peace of mind that the workplace is a safe environment in which everyone can work to the best of their ability.

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